What Now?

What Now?

Carla Arocha and Stéphane Schraenen: Memory I, 2013, Steel and glass mirror / Stahl, Spiegel, 135 x 300 x 165 cm, Courtesy: Galerie Isabella Czarnowska, Berlin © Pieter Huybrechts

What Now? Naturally, that question remains unanswered. It not only points to an acute state of perplexity in view of a past occurrence with uncertain consequences. What Now? also implies an extended moment of pause for reflection, and at the same time an invitation to understand, to get involved, and to move through the exhibition rooms with heightened physical-sensorial, intuitive and intellectual alertness. (more…)


The Architectonics of Love

Melissa Steckbauer is an American multimedia artist working primarily with painting and photography. Her current show at LIEBKRANZ Galerie in Berlin is called The Architectonics … Continue reading

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Call for Interns for the BMW Guggenheim Lab Project in ...

Aedes Network Campus Berlin (ANCB) seeks part-time interns to assist with planning for and presentation of the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin in summer 2012. … Continue reading

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Das Tempelhofer Feld – eine Buchpräsentation

Das Tempelhofer Feld liegt derzeit im Mittelpunkt der Berliner Aufmerksamkeit. Ob es bebaut wird entscheidet nun ein Volksbegehren parallel zur Europawahl am 25. Mai 2014.

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Confessions of a publisher

Granted, I still allow myself iridescent bling bling, flashy colours, glittering surfaces, thicker paint layers, even material orgies and all sorts of ChiChi dazzle like … Continue reading

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Auch die De:Bug verabschiedet sich

“Die nächste Ausgabe der De:Bug wird wahrscheinlich die letzte sein. Nein, kein Witz. Zeit, Abschied zu nehmen. Ein unabhängiges Magazin (manchmal denken wir immer noch … Continue reading

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